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Be Prepared - Not Scared


Attend Weekly Instruction for New Techniques

1-1.5 Hours Weekly


Learning is the Beginning

During Weekly Session & Saturday Mornings


Awareness is Better than Real Life Tragedy

Monthly Academy Night to Introduce Friends

Empowering Women To Protect Their Lives

Predators exist and we can choose to be prepared. Our self-defense program equips women with the skills to protect themselves from the most common threats faced in the real world.

Recognize &

Avoid Danger

Neutralize Bullies

& Predators

Protect from

Violent Attacks


Learn the most important self-defense skills and strategies to defend against a real attack.

You'll learn how to:

  • Defend strikes and strike back effectively

  • Defend being grabbed, pulled or pushed into a car

  • Defend being picked up and carried away

  • Defend being choked, both standing up and on the ground

  • Use effective strategies to deter, detect, and survive violence

Skills and knowledge are important, and of little use without belief you can defend yourself.

We're not just here to give you the tools—we're here to transform you into a woman who's ready, willing, and capable of protecting her life anytime, anywhere.


Scary situations can come up quickly.


Today’s fast-paced world can be challenging. As a relatively small woman in a big city, I have run into situations where I don't always feel confident or even safe at times, knowing that I had relatively few options to defend myself if needed. Not everyone respects boundaries or personal space, and scary situations can come up quickly.

I was nervous to start training but quickly found a warm welcome from others at class as well as a fun and inclusive atmosphere. Training at Women Strong in both the Women's Self Defense Class and Jiu Jitsu classes has greatly increased my confidence in being able to safely navigate a wide world by being more aware of things to look out for as well as how to handle a variety of unsafe situations.

A million excuses not to start.


Bottom line I can’t wait to train while knowing that someone with experience has my back and really let‘s me worry about just showing up which I have always wanted to feel more confident in my ability to defend myself, but I lacked the confidence to even walk through the door.

I was invited to the Women Strong self-defense seminar, and I was hooked.

I had a million excuses not to start class like past injuries, a busy schedule, and claustrophobia, but I'm so glad I didn't listen to any of them. Coach Mike is a wonderful teacher and breaks concepts down at a healthy pace. I love getting better every day and the example I'm setting for my kids while investing in myself. I highly recommend Women Strong!!

Overcoming the fear of being attacked.


I struggled to defend myself against my big brothers during play fights. This brought up the challenge of overcoming the fear of being attacked in real life.

I signed up to Women Strong, after a colleague of mine suggested that it was the best route to self defense. There have been three main benefits I’ve received from Women STRONG strengthening me mentally, physically and socially:

1) I have the mental confidence to walk into any room knowing that I understand how to protect myself, in worst case scenarios

2) the physical benefit is using my own body in a tactical way to overcome a strong attacker

3) I’ve made connections with new people, as well as found something in common with those already in my life for more meaningful interactions.

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Monthly Workshops are a fantastic introduction; however, mastery and confidence are built through consistent training and rigorous practice.



Women Strong is a self-defense program designed to teach women effective techniques for defending against a variety of attacks.

The program covers a range of realistic scenarios, including strikes, grabs, hair pulls, chokes, and being dragged to a car or pinned to the ground.

The techniques are based on Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and are designed to be efficient and easy to learn.



Women Strong is a self-defense program that teaches women specific strategies of how to avoid and escape dangerous situations.

The program covers a wide range of strategies, including predator psychology, early danger signals, boundary setting, and physical self-defense.

The goal of the program is to empower women to take control of their own safety.



The instincts you'll acquire through repetition of defending grabs and attacks; and by turning core skills into muscle memory will be available upon demand...even in real life scenarios.

Your training will have you prepared for the real deal if and when it ever happens. Your regular practice and scenarios will help you stay calm in chaos, and tap into your instincts.

Instructor | Mike Cassesa

Founder - Frame Strong AZ BJJ

Relson Gracie 3rd Degree Black Belt

Email: mike@framestrongaz.com

Phone Number:


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